Saadiq Daniels represents the Child Government Monitors in Switzerland

30 August 2022

Saadiq Daniels, a 17 year old differently abled Child Government Monitor from Bonteheuwel, attended the Pre-sessions 41 hosted by the UPR Info in Geneva, Switzerland from 29 - 31 August 2022. He was accompanied by his mother Saadiqah Daniels and Cameron Cyster Head of the Investigations and Advice Branch. The pre-sessions provide an international platform for national human rights institutions and civil society organisations to inform the representatives of the recommending States about the state of human rights in a State under review by the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). 

The Child Government Monitors worked in partnership with the Commissioner to develop a statement (read here) which makes recommendations on issues they wish to be addressed by the UPR Working Group when the state of human rights is reviewed in South Africa. The Child Government Monitors called for the Constitution to be changed to amend voting age to 16 years old in South Africa, and the establishment of a National Children's Commissioner (working with Child Government Monitors in every province).

Christina Nomdo, the Children's Commissioner of the Western Cape says "I believe this international forum for lobbying for children's rights champions and the advancement of children's rights is very important. We hope to make all nations understand that children deserve to have a child rights champion at the highest level of governance and that their rights must not only be reflected on paper, but must be realised in their lived realities."