Child Government Monitors Present at National Parliament

8 June 2021

Friday 14 May 2021 was a historic day in South Africa’s National Parliament. It was the first ever closed session for Children and Young People to participate in law reform.

Forty Child Government Monitors participated in weekly discussions with the Commissioner since the call for submissions last year. They met virtually to discuss their recommendations on the Children’s Amendment Bill (B18-2020). The Monitors focused their submission on the parent-child relationship and the role of the state in supporting this relationship. Read their formal submission to Parliament here. 

Nine Child Government Monitors represented the group at Parliament and presented the following key messages and recommendations for the BIll: 

  • All children are worthy of love
  • All children deserve good parents
  • Good parents are not determined by gender identity
  • Government should support parents to become good parents

The Monitors thoroughly enjoyed the public hearing for children and young people. Click here to read more about the groups' personal experiences at Parliament.