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About Us

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The Swellendam e-Centre aims to grow daily by helping the community with their most complex challenges and finding solutions to help them achieve their potential. The idea is to optimally utilise the information and communication technology (ICT) resources at our disposal to empower the community.

The Swellendam e-Centre first opened its doors on 3 July 2013. It is housed in the Swellendam Thusong Service Centre and has 11 computers.

The centre's purpose is to introduce ICT to the community and develop their computer literacy. Most of our community members had no exposure to computers and therefore no computer literacy until the centre opened.

Soon after opening its doors, the centre became popular with the town's youth, while gradually also capturing the attention of the older generation. In its early days, the centre only offered basic computer literacy and internet access training.

As the community started experiencing the power of ICT, the centre became an important part of their lives. They are now able to access the internet to look for jobs, conduct research and complete school projects.

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