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Just past Hermanus, between Fisherhaven and Onrus, lies the village of Hawston, which is notably famous for its beautiful beach, more than the attraction Hawston might hold for visitors.
The village of Hawston was called such after Charles Haw, who holidayed frequently here during the 1850s.

The beach, tucked away in the little town, is truly beautiful. Sweeping views of mountains along the Cape coastline vie with an incredible dune system and perfect swimming conditions. So much so that Hawston beach is not only regarded as the safest swimming water in the sea along the Western Cape coastline, but is also a blue flag beach.

The development of appropriate technology such as the Hawston e-Centre can raise a farm’s productivity.It is also an initiative which provides access to information and communication; it complements successful development initiatives, drives innovation and empowers communities and individuals to co-create new solutions amongst the disadvantaged, unemployed and disabled members of our community.


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About Hawston

The Hawston e-Centre assists local people to communicate more effectively with government and communities around the world by providing access to e-mail, internet and various government services