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Mbekweni e-Centre



Community Support Projects

The Mbekweni e-Centre is involved in the following community support projects: 
Disabled children and young people – a project with Stellenbosch University:

  • Medical assessments.
  • Aligning sport to disability.
  • Developing community understanding.
  • Monitoring benefits and outcomes.  

Girls and young women in leadership roles through pregnancy or parent death:

  • Re-establish education and vocational programmes.
  • Develop skills.
  • Act as role models.  

Children and young people disadvantaged and affected by severe poverty:

  • Welfare.
  • Re-establish educational links.
  • Build physical fitness, self-belief.
  • Young Leaders programme.  

Young men as leaders:

  • Promotion of “dare to be different” philosophy.
  • Facilitated group and individual sessions.
  • Mentoring.Development of leadership skills.  


  • Regular HIV testing and counseling available.