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Struisbaai e-Centre



Community Support Projects

The Struisbaai e-Centre is involved in the following community support projects: 

  • The Eight-year Fisherman’s Project:
    This project is available daily at the e-centre in Struisbaai library and provides fishermen with information, facilities and resources.

    As part of the project, 26 fishermen were assisted with their line fishing application licences, amounting to R128 000 worth of investment from the e-centre. This project also played a role in the Fishing Rights Application Process (FRAP) 2013-2014.

    This project started in 2005 and was meant to end in 2013 (hence its name), but developed over the years into a complete service delivery vehicle for the communities of Struisbaai and Arniston.​

  • Struisbaai Fishing Rights Allocation Process ( 2013-2014):
    The FRAP was initiated in July 2013 and the Bua e-Forum assisted 113 fishermen and three close corporations in applying for line fish, oyster, mussel and hake permits.

    This project was aimed at all fishermen in Struisbaai and Arniston that could demonstrate a dependence on the resources in the area and prove that they had been actively involved in the specific fisheries of their applications.

    The project took place between August 2013 and October 2013 (the National FRAP period) and also in January 2014 (the appeals process). However, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries gave an additional exemption period (set to end in April 2014) for additional appeals. The next FRAP application process is set for 2022.

    The Small Scale Commercial Fishing Sector will be implemented in 2014 and the application process should take place in late 2014 or early 2015. Contact the Struisbaai e-centre for more information.