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Thembalethu Thusong e-Centre



About Us

The Thembalethu Thusong e-Centre opened in 2007. ​It provides e-mail and internet services, giving disadvantaged communities access to government services and products, various online services, and enabling them to communicate more effectively with government and people around the world. The e-centre also empowers disadvantaged communities to manage the challenges of poverty.

The Thembalethu Thusong e-centre has partnerships with the following organisations:

  • George Municipality.
  • Thusong Centre and its stakeholders.
  • Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa (USAASA)​.
  • Government Departments.
  • Non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations, non-profit organisations.
  • the local community as a whole.

We are proud of our achievements, which include: 

  • The introduction of a computer literacy programme at the centre, which has resulted in children under the age of eight being able to use computers.
  • Young people being able to apply to tertiary institutions using the internet.
  • A high number of community members being able to set up and use e-mail addresses.
  • Community members transacting online, including booking their flights and bus tickets.
  • Learners being able to do their research more easily with assistance of the centre staff.
  • Community members being able to type their own CVs and apply for jobs.

Services and Training

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About Thembalethu Thusong

Thembalethu, which means  “our hope”, is a community on the outskirts of George. The Thembalethu community is a dynamic and mixed one, comprising South Africans (predominantly Xhosa) and other African nationals. It is known for its diverse cultures, its bed-and-breakfasts, and its traditional healers (or sangomas).

Thembalethu is a suburb in George Municipal area, which is flanked by the Outeniqua mountain range and the Indian Ocean.