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Kwanokuthula e-Centre



Community Support Projects

It’s liberating having computer skills, as you well know, because you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t know how to use a computer or cellphone. For people without the basic skills of computer literacy, everything becomes more difficult - including finding decent work, typing your CV and Emailing Thanks to the Cape Access initiative, our communities will be able to access quality computer training for free. At Kwanokuthula eCentre situated In Plettenberg Bay, a group of Law enforcement officers attended Informal Basic Training for a month, The course was conducted by Bulelwa Mantyi the Development Manager at Cape Access. We are a computer centre known as Kwanokuthula e-centre situated in Plettenberg Bay at Kwanokuthula location. This centre is situated at the location in a Thusong centre, it is a computer lab that is very useful to our community, and provides services which are often paid for, free of charge. The youth can now come in the centre to search for jobs that they qualify in and can actually apply online or via email. We also have clients that are over 40 years of age who come here and we show them how to type and also search assist them in searching things like (retirements plan, pension funds, UIF etc.) So every individual benefits from the centre in their own way, be it they are old or young. This centre is for everyone.