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Dysselsdorp e-Centre



About Us

The e-centre opened in February 2012 and specialises in computer services, which we provide to the community of Dysselsdorp and surrounding areas. These services make information and communication technology (ICT) more readily accessible to these communities, paving the way for better education and employment opportunities. 

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About Dysselsdorp

Dysselsdorp, situated approximately 30 km from Oudtshoorn, was founded in 1838 as a mission station, and in 1877 the land was granted in freehold to the 148 resident families.

As in most contained small agricultural communities, poverty is a big problem in Dysselsdorp, and today most of the town’s young people hold jobs in Oudtshoorn or work seasonally on neighbouring farms. The local dried fruit factory, feather factory, conference centre and guest houses also provide employment.