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Zolani e-Centre



About Us

The Zolani community e-centre was launched on 22 June 2013 and it provides a friendly and relaxed environment for its users. 

The centre strives to empower the community of Zolani with work and study opportunities, access to resources, and computer literacy. We work with other community stakeholders, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community-based organisations (CBOs) and youth groups. We plan to enter into more partnerships in the near future.

We provide a variety of services and focus on the following broader areas of work:

  • Providing equal access to information through the use of information and communication technology (ICT).
  • Capacity building through the use of ICT by community members empowered through the training we provide.
  • Assisting in securing work and study opportunities.
  • Bridging the skills gap by facilitating equal access to resources. 

Services and Training

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About Zolani

The Zolani e-Centre is located in Zolani township in Ashton, a small Western Cape town known for its delicious wines and production of canned fruit.