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About Cape Access

Cape Access is an initiative that makes information and communication technology (ICT) more accessible to rural and underprivileged communities throughout the Western Cape.

These communities are often marginalised and economically excluded, due to their limited access to information sources and modes of communication. What’s more, the resources available to them are often out of date. Cape Access aims to create opportunities for social change and economic growth by making state-of-the-art ICT more widely available.

The Cape Access Project has established e-centres across the Western Cape. Some of these e-centres are managed by e-community forums and provide local rural communities with computers and internet access, which they can use for a wide variety of purposes. School projects, job applications, internet banking, SARS efiling and CV creation are just a few examples.

By March 2014, Cape Access aims to have 40 fully equipped e-centres established across the province, with up to 1 000 students enrolled in International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) programmes at these e-centres.

Through improved ICT availability, Cape Access is opening doors to better education, employment and business opportunities, fuelling socio-economic development in communities where it is most needed.

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