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I'm interested in buying or renting a unit


It is envisaged that the development will comprise over 3 000 residential units built 49% of which will be allocated to affordable housing, and 51% of which will be available to the open market.

Qualifying to buy or rent one of the affordable housing units will depend on your income. Let us know if you’re interested in an affordable or open market unit by completing the form. 

Note that filling out the form will not guarantee you a unit. However, your details will be forwarded to the developer appointed early next year, who will be in contact with you. 

Terms and Conditions
  • Registering your interest to buy or rent a residential unit does not constitute a formal application for a housing unit;
  • It doesn't mean that interested parties will automatically qualify for a unit;
  • Interested parties details will be shared (with their permission) with a property developer, once appointed, so that they may be contacted/included in a call for completion and submission of a formal application for a unit that will be considered on its merits.