ICT | Apprenticeship Career Awareness

Expanding access to high speed broadband is another game changer. In 2014, the provincial government signed a R2.89bn 10-year contract with State Information and Technology Agency (SITA) and Neotel to connect over 1,900 public buildings to high-speed broadband. This infrastructure will impact significantly on attracting investment and creating jobs not just in the ICT sector but in all economic sectors over and above citizens with access to technology. Already multinationals are establishing their ICT innovation divisions in Cape Town, with this is expected to expand.

Careers that require maths

  • ICT Service Managers
  • ICT Sales Professionals
  • Systems Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • Web and Multimedia Developers
  • Database Designers and Administration
  • System Administrators
  • Computer Network Professionals
  • Electronics Engineers
  • Telecommunications Engineers
  • Graphic and Multimedia Designers
  • Web Technicians
  • Broadcasting and Audio-Visual Technicians
  • Telecommunications Engineering Technicians
  • Information Technology Trainers

Without maths

No careers available