Department of Economic Development and Tourism - Five Year Strategic Plan | Western Cape Government

Department of Economic Development and Tourism - Five Year Strategic Plan

2015 to 2020
(Western Cape Government)



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Creating opportunities for jobs and growth is our number one priority.

Over the past five years the Western Cape economy has grown, with over 200 000 jobs created and the lowest expanded unemployment rate in the country. The Western Cape Government is committed to maintaining this momentum and has prioritised the creation of opportunities for job and economic growth in the province.

Hence, towards the end of the previous planning period, the Department initiated Project Khulisa, one of five “game changers” identified by the Western Cape Cabinet for priority focus in its 2014-2019 term of office. International best practice shows that countries that have adopted the game-changer approach have made a significant impact on economic opportunities.

Project Khulisa, which will inform our strategic planning for the next five years, began with the commissioning of a deep-dive study into our economy that revealed the economic sectors that were growing the fastest and that had the ability to drive job creation.

A series of targeted, game-changing interventions will be implemented over the next five years in three of these high-potential sectors:

  • Tourism
  • Agri-processing
  • Oil and Gas.

Project Khulisa will be pursued in consultation with all stakeholders. To that end, it is led by a steering committee comprising the Western Cape Government and the City of Cape Town.

As part of Project Khulisa, we undertook a rigorous investigation, consulting industries about the blockages and the challenges they face, and engaging stakeholders in the design of the interventions required to unlock growth.

The interventions we have put forward for further investigation are the outcome of this rigorous process. We will now work on developing action plans for the interventions we will prioritise, and then move swiftly to implementation.

While the Western Cape Government will focus on practical projects in the above three sectors, we will continue to support the entire economy of the province.

In line with our strategic goal, we aim to create an enabling environment so that all businesses can grow the economy and create jobs. As elucidated in this plan, we will achieve this by, among others, ramping up our red tape reduction initiative and by giving support to SMMEs.

We will also continue our work on key catalytic projects, on building the skills required by our economy by ensuring a fair economic environment for businesses and consumers alike.

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