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2019 Leadership Excellence Award winner announced

8 November 2019

This past weekend, the Western Cape Education Department awarded the Leadership Excellence Award in After School Programming to Mr Andrew Groeneveld from New Orleans Secondary School in Paarl. The National Teaching Awards work to collectively highlight teaching excellence.


The Leadership Excellence Award in After School Programming recognises exceptional principals who’ve fostered strong, effective programmes at their schools through focused leadership. It’s an initiative of the After School Programme Office, and gold, silver and bronze honours are awarded.

Principal Andrew Groeneveld believes all learners are capable and the school aims to help them achieve their potential. The school has an active MOD Centre and an EPWP partnership which provides two interns to assist with the school musical as well as several other school-based ASPs. A total of ten sports codes are offered, in addition to drama, music, drum majorettes, first aid, debating, academic support, Rotary and an entrepreneurial programme. The annual Derby Day with Klein Nederburg Secondary is a well-known event supported in Paarl and beyond. The school believes in strong communication and uses social media to popularise its ASP. NOSS believes in partnerships and has mobilised the local community and ex-pupils to support the programme, in addition to external partners.

Mr. Groeneveld has been at the school for over 20 years. For 20 years, he served as the Deputy Principal at the school and as of 2018, he was appointed as the principal of the school. He notes that with the appointment as Principal comes many challenges but that the reward truly overshadows it all. Many of the youth in Paarl face challenges and Mr. Groeneveld holds inclusive education with high esteem as it is his wish that each and every learner matriculates from Grade 12 with characteristics that will make a positive contribution to society.

Five other principals were shortlisted for the prize:

Principal Jannie van der Colff launched Bissetsdrift Primary School’s ASP with just himself and the deputy principal running an academic programme. Now the Theewaterskloof school’s programme has grown by an additional six sports codes, as well as an art, eco-club and life skills programme. On the night he was awarded a Bronze Prize.

Principal Russell Andrews from Kerria Primary School, Atlantis, has worked consistently to crowd in extra resources for the ASP by fostering partnerships with external organisations, from local and provincial government to private and public organisations. The ASP now offers nine sporting codes, as well as academic, dance and choir activities.

Principal Joyce Ngezane has built Thembani Primary School’s active ASP through strategic partnerships. Thembani was the best performing school in Scouting in Schools this year, and has also worked with the German International School and the Baptist Church to strengthen its soccer programme. The ASP is also a DCAS Neighbouring School Programming site. On the night, she was awarded a silver prize.

Principal Isaac Langeveldt of VRT Pitt Primary, in Swellendam, has partnered with an impressive 42 organisations, from corporates companies to social benefit, to crowd in resources for his school’s ASP, which includes a DCAS partnership with the Neighbouring School Programme. Donations raised for it have even led to the creation of work for a parent to assist learners with after school homework classes. The ASP innovates and tests out new disciplines, such as karate and drama, making it a vibrant, dynamic programme.

Principal Denver Walbrugh of Wesfleur Primary School, Avondale, has strengthened his school’s robust ASP by seeking out partnerships with better resourced schools, local businesses and sports clubs, Stellenbosch University and others to supplement its own resources. The ASP has a full offering, from a range of academic activities, to over 10 sports codes, as well as dance, life skills and drama. On the night, he was awarded a Bronze prize.

Western Cape Provincial Ceremony of the National Teaching Awards

Date: Friday, 8 November, 2019

Venue: CTICC, Convention Square, 1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town