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Record of Delivery 2024

Foreword from Premier

PremierThis is our Record of Delivery For You.

This Record of Delivery marks the endpoint of the 2019 – 2024 term of office. It provides a reflection on what was achieved by the Western Cape Government, during my term as Premier.

It provides an important opportunity to reflect on what this government has achieved, despite significant challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic which disrupted many programmes for just under two years. The citizens of this province have also had to face some of the harshest load shedding ever, a dysfunctional public rail transport system, minibus taxi violence,

significant impediments to economic growth, a shrinking fiscal environment, and the ever-growing challenge of the climate crisis.

Despite these significant challenges, I am proud of what the province and its citizens have achieved.

The Western Cape Government set itself ambitious goals for the 2019 - 2024 term of office and we were able to achieve and, in some cases, exceed many of our targets. The journey has not been easy given the constraints that the province faced in the face of national government inefficiencies. However, we persevered and remained steadfast and committed to serving you, the people of the Western Cape.

When I took the oath of office at the start of my term, I swore to uphold and protect the dignity of all our citizens. Five years later, this solemn pledge has not changed. In everything we as the Western Cape Government do, the interests and needs of the residents of our great province are our apex priority.  Where there is dignity, there is hope and prosperity, and we must continue our work, striving to do better, every day.

We have learnt significant lessons. We have become more resilient and better equipped as a government to tackle any challenge that comes our way. Our success can in large part be attributed to the tremendous dedication and agility of our Provincial Cabinet, Heads of Department and every single on of our employees. Thank you for all that you do every day for the residents of this extraordinary province.


Alan Winde

Foreword from DG

DGThis Record of Delivery covers a challenging period including an epidemic, economic downturn, energy crisis, major disasters and severe budget reductions. However, despite this, the staff of this provincial government have shown that we are resilient, adaptive and innovative in our responses.

Covid-19 interrupted the implementation of the Provincial Strategic Plan 2019-2024, which was refocused into the Western Cape Recovery Implementation Plan, adopted on 21 April 2021, which consolidated the priorities of the WCG into “Jobs, Safety and Wellbeing”, supported by the crosscutting priority of “Innovation, Culture and Governance”.

A Jobs for Growth Strategy 2035 was adopted in 2023 to guide our efforts to boost growth and jobs. In response to persistent and severe loadshedding, the Western Cape Government established the Western Cape Energy Resilience Programme and Western Cape Energy Council which drew in Western Cape municipalities and universities in seeking solutions to the energy crisis.

The implementation of the Western Cape Safety Plan was the main focus for the Safety priority, which worked to strengthen law enforcement through the Law Enforcement Advancement Programme and to address the causes of violence. The Wellbeing priority includes the vast and challenging Health & Wellness, Education and Social Development mandates. It is difficult to adequately express the huge difference that these teams make in the lives of our citizens.

The Innovation, Culture and Governance priority includes the Innovation for Impact Programme and our Culture Journey. Our government’s values underpin our vision, which is to become a government that people trust, inspiring optimism and a sense of worth in our citizens. We have maintained and enhanced our proud record for good governance. As part of the Culture Journey, the Western Cape Government applied for and received certification as a Top Employer during 2023 and for 2024. Top Employer is a global People Management authority on certifying excellence in People Strategies, Practices and Conditions. Recognition helps organisations elevate their status as a credible Employer of Choice. 

Throughout this term of office all our staff have upheld our values and spent public funds wisely and efficiently. Through many focused and integrated programmes and projects, we have made decisive interventions for good in the lives of our citizens.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Harry Malila

Director-General of the Western Cape

Western Cape Government Record of Delivery

The Record of Delivery encompasses all our province successes and citizen-centric wins of the Western Cape Government under Premier Alan Winde for 2019-2024.

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