The overarching aim of the investment case is to develop a strategic plan, including a project pipeline, to unlock income generating opportunities within and adjacent to CapeNature`s protected areas. The investment case will determine the feasibility, viability and sustainability of generating income within and adjacent to Protected Areas. This would be done in a 3-phased approach with the broad scope in the project’s terms of reference referred to the following:

  • To determine the scope and level of income generation potential through data collection;
  • To focus on private sector investment and employment creation;
  • To use the project outcomes as the basis for sound strategic decisions and policy development to facilitate sustainable income generation in and around PAs in the WC;
  • To conduct detailed business planning for a limited number of viable high return on investment initiatives;
  • To unlock investment for initiatives chosen for implementation; and
  • To support the initial implementation of a significant new income stream.

Phase I focused on developing an Income Generation Matrix, a database of all income streams identified through stakeholder engagements provided by CapeNature employees, external stakeholders and the consultant’s research . 140 potential income streams have been identified to be taken forward in Phase II.

Phase II will focus on designing ‘Sustainable Financing Projects’ that are compatible with CapeNature’s biodiversity conservation mandate, contribute to socio-economic upliftment and represent the best income generation opportunities for CapeNature. Simultaneously, the project will develop Investment Strategies linked to each of the business plans, based on real and tested opportunities that will enable the Phase III Pilot Projects to establish a competitive advantage in the market and achieve the targeted financial returns as per the associated business plans.   

Phase III is aimed at identifying a project pipeline that will enable CapeNature to proceed with the top income generation projects as identified in Phase by initiating pilot projects at suitable sites.