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The ‘Food Forward’ project is a strategic project under the 110% Green Initiative, and is aligned with the Western Cape Government’s Green Economy Strategy Framework. Food loss and wastage was first flagged as a serious international concern at the Rio +20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012. The Food Forward project is the WCG’s response to this recent global movement to address the food waste issue, and it seeks to feed into the Global Food Loss and Waste Protocol, which is currently being developed.

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Project Overview

The Western Cape Government’s 110% Green programme has launched the ‘Food Forward’ initiative to raise awareness around food wastage, catalyse action and reduce inefficiencies within the food value chain. The project aims to encourage a reduction of food wastage in the Western Cape Province, by mobilising key stakeholders to decrease inefficiencies at every stage of the food chain, from production all the way through to consumption.

How will this be achieved?

  • The first step is to understand more about the food system and some of the key commodities in the Western Cape Province, attempting to identify connections between the various role-players and the areas of biggest concern.
  • The project will look to facilitate a dialogue platform to build partnerships and bring together stakeholders at different stages of the food chain, in order for them to share info, issues and best practice.
  • The main strategy is to conduct a series of food chain excursions or “experiential tours” across the Western Cape, for stakeholders to collaborate and learn through 1st-hand experience and discussion.
  • The idea is to conduct at least one journey in each district municipality in the WC, with specific focus on the relevant commodities and stages of the food chain predominant in that area. The learning journey’s will be attended by various food and food waste related organisations, companies, forums, industry associations, research institutions, agro-producers, food processors, distributors, retailers and waste handlers present in each area.
  • A call-to-action was announced at the project launch, where organisations and businesses all along the food chain are encouraged to commit to decreasing inefficiencies, by designing and implementing their own action plans to reduce food wastage. Through the signing-on of flagship initiatives, the project aims to mobilise stakeholders and reduce food wastage. Become a Food Forward focused flagship of the 110% Green campaign under our banner Commit. Act. Impact.

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For further information, suggestions, networking opportunities or to get involved through a commitment, collaborative opportunity or to attend one of the learning journeys, please contact us.