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The Story of Impahla Clothing

20 March 2013

Since becoming a Flagship Impahla Clothing have reduced their electricity consumption by 9.2%, putting them well on their away to achieving the 25% impact they committed too.  

Impahla Clothing was founded in 2004 and started operating in rented premises in Lansdowne with a staff complement of 60. Today, Impahla operates out of owned premises in Maitland and Epping, and rented premises in Elsies River, with a staff complement of 395.

Impahla’s growth can be attributed to the successful relationship that has been developed with International brand PUMA as well as adapting a sustainable business strategy that has seen Impahla become Carbon Neutral in 2008.

Impahla would not have achieved anything without the buy-in and commitment from a highly motivated and skilful staff who have grasped the opportunities offered by the promotion from within policy. Labour intensive manufacturing has to have this buy-in and Impahla is proud of the togetherness of the team, regardless of job position.

Impahla joined the 110% Green Project as a Flagship company and made the following commitment statement:
“Impahla Clothing, the 1st carbon neutral garment manufacturer in South Africa, is committed to a greener, cleaner and more sustainable working environment. We commit to provide 25% of our electricity requirements through our new solar panel project.”

With the acquisition of a fabric and sock factory late in 2012, Impahla has not achieved the 25% commitment, and as the end of February the figure achieved was 9.2%. This 9.2% equates to in excess of 56 000 kWh of electricity generated and 54 tonnes of carbon saved. To achieve the 25% commitment, Impahla will need to engage with the IDC to expand the solar panel project in the years ahead.

As part of its carbon offset program Impahla continues to plant trees in disadvantaged communities around the Western Cape and early indications are that over 1,500 trees will be planted in 2013 to go with the 2,374 trees already planted.