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Its not just a hotel...

4 June 2015

In joining 110% Green in December 2012, Hotel Verde committed to becoming Africa's Greenest hotel through the implementation of sustainable construction, cutting edge efficient technology and sustainable operation. Now, two-and-a-half years later, they have gained yet another accolade in being rewarded with a 6 star rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) for Existing Building Performance!

In pursing the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for New Construction, many new technologies that were deemed firsts on the African continent were installed at the Hotel. Amongst many others this included the regenerative drive elevators, the power generating gym equipment and the energy efficient ground source heat pump technology that now powers our intelligent heating and cooling system. 

The construction process also saw the installation of many other sustainable technologies, such as the grey water recycling system, rain water capture, photovoltaic panels and wind turbines that helped us to achieve significant savings in both water and electricity and ultimately become the first hotel in Africa, and only one of six hotels in the world, to achieve LEED Platinum status for New Construction.

In implementing the first hotel carbon management initiative of its kind in Africa, Hotel Verde offsets the carbon on behalf of guests and conference delegates to provide a 100% carbon neutral hotel experience at no extra cost.

However, it is not only the sustainable construction of the hotel that was of concern. Investment was made into the beautification of the wetland on the adjacent property, restoring the retention pond and planting over 80 species of indigenous or endemic flora. After the installation of beehives and an eco-pool, a great improvement in local biodiversity has been made. The hotel kitchen is also now able to source much of its own herbs and vegetables from the garden.

Hotel Verde bar

To promote engagement with the arts, the local community, scholars and sustainability, Hotel Verde funded a project for a local grade 11 class to produce artwork based on the theme of environmental sustainability. These artworks now decorate the walls of our four floors, each artwork with its own plaque recognising the student, teacher and school.

Since opening the hotel has been sharing their experiences and knowledge with others with the hope that they too will make more responsible choices in their travelling, work/school and home lives. In 2014 alone, theywelcomed over 2500 students from schools from all over Cape Town through their eco-outings initiative.

It is this holistic approach to running a sustainable business that has built Hotel Verde to what it is today. We look forward to seeing more great things from the team!