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Greenest Municipality Awards 2013

21 November 2013

The Greenest Municipality Competition (GMC) aims to promote improved service delivery that restores community pride and commitment in caring for the living environment. It also focuses on improved integrated sustainable development strategies in municipalities.

There is an energy of innovation and leadership which continues to emanate from our Western Cape Municipalities.  The work delivered on in this competition, by participating municipalities, is the essence of what is needed to create a space of socio-economic growth and prosperity. 

Creating clean living spaces, exploring avenues for job opportunities, restoring community pride and creating a sense of belonging for the people we serve are the socio-economic issues which we are able address through this competition.  As we work hand in hand we start, and continue to create sustainable lifestyles for our communities better together. 

The competition is now in its third year in the Western Cape Province. Both Local and District Municipalities were evaluated on six different themes as follows:

  • Waste Management
  • Energy Efficiency & Conservation
  • Biodiversity Management, Coastal Management & Beautification
  • Water Management and Conservation
  • Air Quality Management and
  • Leadership, Compliance, Institutional Arrangements & Public Participation

The winners are as follows:

Local Municipalities

  • Winner: Mossel Bay Municipality
  • 1st Runner up: Drakenstein Municipality 
  • 2nd Runner up: Swartland Municipality and Overstrand Municipality

District Municipalities

  • Winner: Eden District Municipality
  • 1st Runner Up: West Coast District Municipality

Element Category Winners

  • Waste Management: Overstrand Municipality
  • Energy Efficiency & Conservation: Mosselbay Municipality
  • Biodiversity Management, Coastal Management & Beautification: Hessequa Municipality
  • Water Management and Conservation: Overstrand Municipality
  • Air Quality Management: Mosselbay Municipality
  • Leadership, Compliance, Institutional Arrangements & Public Participation: Mosselbay Municipality

Most Improved Municipalities in the Element Category

  • Waste Management: Bergriver Municipality
  • Energy Efficiency & Conservation: Witzenberg Municipality
  • Biodiversity Management, Coastal Management & Urban Beautification: Saldanha Bay Municipality
  • Water Conservation  Management: Bergriver Municipality
  • Air Quality Management: Hessequa Municipality

Innovation Projects

  • Mosselbay Municipality: Biotrickling Filter System
  • Overstrand Municipality: Biological Water Treatment Plant
  • Swartland Municipality: Wonder bag Roll-out  Process : Socio-Economic Value Benefit , Poverty Alleviation and Job creation
  • Bergriver Municipality: Planning Horizon shifted to start accommodating changing environmental scenarios, leading to an innovative engagement with strategic projects such as Climate Change Municipal Support Programme, Bergriver Project
  • Hessequa Municipality: Research Study :Unlocking the Rooftop PV Market in SA
  • Witzenberg Municipality: Allows excess energy produced from the 500kVa Photovoltaic system  on Ceres Cold Storage Rooms system to be fed back onto the grid, via Net-metering.

To see the gallery of images from the Awards ceremony click here

Congratualtions to all of the winners on their hard work and excellent commitment to creating a sustainable environment.