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A Flagship is an organisation (be it a municipality, NGO or business) that has made more than the usual commitment towards the Green Economy. They have taken up the call towards building an economy that connects the well-being of our environment with the growth of our economy.

Interested organisations submit their proposed projects to 110% Green. Following evaluation they are selected as a 110% Green Flagship project and become part of the dynamic network of Flagship organisations. These Flagships COMMIT to a project, are required to ACT upon this commitment and report on their IMPACT.

110% Green is not an endorsement of a project by the Western Cape Government. Each Flagship project is rather an expression of co-responsibility by participants to contribute to building the Green Economy.

Please note: The Flagship programme is currently not active. 

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Vineyard Hotel & Spa Water and Energy Savings The Vineyard Hotel commits to : reducing water & energy consumption by 5% through switching to LED lights & low flow showerheads before the next financial year.
Woolworths/ Engen customer recycling project Woolworths and Engen commit to continuing to roll out consumer recycling facilities at selected Engen service stations, in support of Government efforts to increase recycling and reduce waste. In the next year we commit to establishing a minimum of 10 ...
Coming Back to Life WSENGS commits to planting a tree for each delegate that attends the summit. We also commit to creating one or two green spaces in indigent communities around Stellenbosch. We commit to starting a sustainability project at one of the places we planted trees, in cooperation with ...