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A Flagship is an organisation (be it a municipality, NGO or business) that has made more than the usual commitment towards the Green Economy. They have taken up the call towards building an economy that connects the well-being of our environment with the growth of our economy.

Interested organisations submit their proposed projects to 110% Green. Following evaluation they are selected as a 110% Green Flagship project and become part of the dynamic network of Flagship organisations. These Flagships COMMIT to a project, are required to ACT upon this commitment and report on their IMPACT.

110% Green is not an endorsement of a project by the Western Cape Government. Each Flagship project is rather an expression of co-responsibility by participants to contribute to building the Green Economy.

Please note: The Flagship programme is currently not active. 

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Greenest Municipality Competition We commit to work towards 100% Western Cape municipalities participating in the GMC and inspiring a 10% increase in sustainability programmes within municipalities.
Khayelitsha Hospital Khayelitsha hospital is committed to the profiling of the environmental friendly features at the hospital that can be used at other hospitals both within the province and nationally.
The Lentegeur Green Hospital Project A number of elements from electricity saving, to tree planting, the development of aesthetic and food gardens and the development of a recycling hub have been started and a full landscape masterplan has been commissioned.
Provincial Office Modernisation Programme We commit to achieve a minimum 4 Star Green Building Council of South Africa rating on the Interiors Rating Tool for the remainder of the Office Modernisation Programme for the 7 identified primary Cape Town CBD properties comprising approximately 59 711 ...
Retrofitting of Leeuwenhof Estate To showcase the green retrofitting of historical buildings, with the experience used as a case studies for professionals and students in the built environment.
Green Star Rated Bonnievale School We commit to achieving a minimum 4 Star Green Building Council of South Africa design rating for the Bonnievale School.
Greening the Churches In the next 12 months our organisation commits to: having 10 churches registered as eco-congregations, to conduct energy and water audits in 10 churches and institutions, to have 10 churches and church institutions initiate recycling, to have five churches conduct clean up day ...
Ikhaya-Cap Ikhaya Cap commits to increasing the technology and value of investment 2-3 fold in insulation and veg producing self –watering scheme prototype. Ikhaya Cap commits to testing the product in a 3 target groups within the year using various green technologies and economies. It aims to have ...
Waste to Energy Drakenstein Municipality commits - in the next year - to start the process of Waste-to-Energy by utilizing waste to supply green electricity and in the same initiative to extend our landfill facility’s lifespan.
Going Waterless We plan on shifting our focus and target market to specific businesses, government, parastatals and consumers who possess fleets of vehicles. By the end of our financial year, February 2015, we should have saved an equivilent of 384 000 litres of fresh drinking water and created 3 ...