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Carbon Neutral Printing

Hot Ink is now certified Carbon Neutral as a business. We will continue to not only reduce and offset our own emissions, but to educate our client base and encourage them to make sustainable choices wrt their printing by offering environmentally friendly print solutions.  These include recycled paper, environmentally friendly ink and a printing process that cuts down on waste and energy use. Our remaining carbon emissions were Initially invested in the ‘Paradigm Project’ which is a cookstove initiative based in Kenya.  The reason for this is that these are Gold Standard credits which are internationally recognised as the highest quality carbon credits as well as being the only carbon standard endorsed by WWF.  In the second quarter of this year we switched to a local initiative in the Western Cape called ‘Composting in Cape Town’. The combination of the two projects ensures that we support a robust carbon standard and also a local project. The compost project is carried out by Reliance and has beneficial environmental, social and economic impacts on the Western Cape region (see attached documentation for more detail). We would also like to see the carbon offsetting model made available to our customers within the next 12 months, by providing them the option to offset the carbon footprint that results from producing the paper at the paper mills. This will increase awareness amongst end users as well give them the opportunity to interact with our initiative, plus make more funds available for carbon offset projects in the Western Cape and beyond.