Municipal Energy Resilience Fund | 110% Green
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Calling Western Cape Municipalities

The Department of Economic Development and Tourism invited Western Cape Municipalities to apply for funding for their municipal energy resilience initiatives. The funding was to be in support of municipal or private sector renewable energy generation, procurement and / or trading within the municipalities’ spatial and administrative jurisdiction.

The outcome of the of the MER Fund resulted in 13 energy studies being funded in 8 Municipalities:

  • Stellenbosch Municipality      
    • Mini IRP/Energy Master Plan
    • Updating EMP
    • Cost of Supply Study
  • Mossel Bay Municipality
    • Cost of Supply Study
  • Swartland           
    • Updating of EMP
  • Overstrand         
    • New Cost of Supply Study 
  • Bitou    
    • Cost of supply study 
    • Updating EMP 
  • Cape Agulhas    
    • Cost of Supply Study   
    • Updating of EMP  
  • Witzenberg        
    • Updating EMP  
    • Cost of Supply Study 
  • George 
    • Updating of EMP


Progress on the Municipalities can be seen in the table below:

Stellenbosch In Progress In Progress Completed
Mossel Bay Completed DLG Funded
Overstrand Completed DLG Funded
Swartland N/A Completed
Cape Agulhas In Progress In Progress
George N/A Completed
Witzenberg In Progress In Progress
Bitou Completed Completed
Drakenstein N/A DLG Funded