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Municipal Energy Resilience Project: Request for Information

The Western Cape Government’s Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT) is responding to South Africa’s energy and electricity crisis with a Municipal Energy Resilience (MER) project. The objective of the MER project is to improve energy and economic resilience in the Western Cape Province (the Province) and South Africa. The strategic dimensions of the MER project include energy security, energy affordability, environmental sustainability and economic development and growth. The MER project is considering options to assist municipalities to develop and/or procure new electricity generation capacity from all types of renewable energy generation and supply systems and technologies, including self-generation, battery energy storage systems, as well as hybrid generation and storage solutions. Respondents are requested to submit information through this RFI to enable DEDAT to formulate appropriate strategies.

The purpose of the RFI is intended to generate information that will assist DEDAT (in its work with Western Cape municipalities) to assess aspects of potential renewable energy projects available in the market, including, but not limited to the size, location, indicative cost, type and nature of project/s. This information is intended to enable the design of a programme/s in the Western Cape that will lead to the implementation of renewable energy generation projects and/or the procurement of renewable energy in the Province and from outside the province. The RFI seeks to gain more information about current renewable energy projects in a formal, structured, and comparable way, without bias. The RFI is not intended to be used as a specific project source selection method to procure renewable energy projects.

DEDAT calls for all potential private developers and public sector bodies (including any Western Cape municipalities), to share information on renewable energy projects that would further develop into new generation capacity in the Western Cape. Potential respondents are requested to submit an RFI Response Form in accordance with the instructions in the RFI that will be available, free of charge, for download on the website from 11 June 2021.

The last date for submission of the completed RFI Response Forms is 18h00 on 12 July 2021.

Enquiries should be directed to Mr Adrian Rudolph via e-mail on

For more information on the Municipal Energy Resilience (MER) project see:


Request for Information (RFI)

The RFI for the MER Project can be downloaded below:

Response form for Private Projects Developers

In order to complete the RFI for private developers, please click here. Please note that a separate RFI form will be needed for each project.

Response form for Municipalities only

In order to complete the RFI for municipalities, please click here. Please note that a separate RFI form will be needed for each project.