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Energy Security Game Changer

Start saving by taking charge of the way you use electricity


You could start saving up to 50% on your monthly electricity bill today, simply by developing smart energy habits in your household. In the process, you’ll help reduce the burden on the national grid (keeping load shedding at bay) and create a more sustainable and affordable future for your family’s energy needs for years to come.

How and when you start saving is entirely your choice. You can save up to 10% right now by becoming energy efficient and changing the way you choose and use your appliances. Or you could add a few low-cost accessories to your home to reduce up to 30% of your monthly electricity usage.

Installing energy-efficient equipment in your home will boost your savings up to 50% and would be a sensible long-term investment that won’t take very long to pay for itself.

Explore all the ways you can Switch and Save and create a brighter, more secure future for us all:

No cost

Start saving up to 10% today by switching off, using less and applying smarter alternatives.

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Low cost

Increase your savings up to 30% by making small but valuable changes to your light bulbs, geyser and water pipes.

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Invest to save

Boost your savings up to 50% by taking energy efficiency one step further with special equipment that can be installed in your home.  

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