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Security of energy supply and resilience of energy systems, energy resources and energy use is vital. Without energy resilience, economic opportunity and low–carbon sustainable development will be constrained.

The Western Cape Government and its Department of Economic Development and Tourism have identified energy resilience as a necessary condition for business competitiveness, confidence, investment, growth, job preservation and creation, and the sustainable low-emissions development of our economy.

The Energy Directorate within the Green Economy Chief Directorate at the Department of Economic Development and Tourism is undertaking various initiatives to enable energy resilience in the Western Cape.

The focus is on diversifying the Western Cape energy mix through:

  1. Supporting municipalities in the procurement of energy from Independent Power Producers and renewable energy generation,
  2. Developing an enabling environment for small-scale embedded generation,
  3. Supporting energy & power sector reform for Western Cape municipalities, among other things.

The Energy Directorate provides various resources and undertakes various projects to improve Energy Resilience in the Western Cape. The flagship initiative is the MER Initiative - a 3-year programme running to July 2023. The MER initiative is spearheaded by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism’s (DEDAT) Energy Directorate and supported by the combined efforts of the Department of Local Government (DLG) and Provincial Treasury (PT).

The key objectives of the MER initiative are the development, support and capacity building to implement renewable energy projects in municipalities across the province for municipalities, businesses and households to generate, procure and sell own power including, but not limited to, municipalities transacting directly with IPPs (Independent Power Producers), all aimed at increasing energy and economic resilience.

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Municipal Energy Resilience (MER) Initiative

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