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Energy Security has been identified by the Western Cape Government as a key enabler that will not only support the productive sectors but the entire economy of the Western Cape. Without energy, the economy cannot function and growth will not be possible. The focus is on diversifying the Western Cape energy mix and developing an enabling environment for small-scale embedded generation as well as energy demand management through engaging with industries where uptake of alternative supply options are indicated, and continuing to work with industry on energy efficiency matters.

Preparing for Load-Shedding

Load shedding has started again, and given the supply constraints being experienced by Eskom, it may continue for some time.

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Click here for some practical ideas that can help a home or small business to limit the impact, depending on budget availability, and become more energy resilient in the longer term. 

This checklist will help you prepare yourself and your home for load shedding. 

These FAQs will help you understanding load shedding and what you can do as a business

Any businesses that would like free assistance with energy-related matters can contact  

For any other energy related assistance, please contact 

Generate Your Own Energy With Solar PV

Rooftop solar PV has become a cost effective and sustainable form of electricity for business. All the information you need can be found here.

For a guide on safe and legal rooftop solar PV installations click here

There are a number of valuable case studies and industry briefs developed by GreenCape, which can be found here.

Become Energy Efficient

For information on how you can reduce your electricity consumption at home and save money click here. The following resources provide an informative guide:

Heating water consumes the most electricity and an efficient water heater can help reduce your electricity bill and reduce your home's carbon footprint. To find out more click here. The list of the City of Cape Town's Accredited Service Providers for solar water heaters and heat pumps can be found here