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Energy Security has been identified by the Western Cape Government as a key enabler that will not only support the productive sectors but the entire economy of the Western Cape. Without energy, the economy cannot function and growth will not be possible. The focus is on diversifying the Western Cape energy mix and developing an enabling environment for small-scale embedded generation as well as energy demand management through engaging with industries where uptake of alternative supply options are indicated, and continuing to work with industry on energy efficiency matters. To drive this energy security has been identified as one of the provincial Game Changers - a mechanism focused on advancing delivery and implementation in the short term to medium term on key areas.

About the Energy Security Game Changer

This initiative aims to ensure sufficient power to sustain households and grow businesses in the province. Our goal is to achieve an effective 10% contribution to the electricity needs of the Western Cape by 2020 by reducing our province’s demand from Eskom. Households, businesses and governments can be contributors through low carbon supply and energy sufficiency measures – including the investment in energy efficiency, solar water heaters, and rooftop solar PV.

In the creation of a more energy secure province, our Energy Security Game Changer will focus its attention on the:

  • Enhanced uptake of rooftop Photo Voltaic (PV): increase the contribution of rooftop PV to WC electricity supply to135 MW (just under the capacity of 4 x WC based wind farms) by year 2020.
  • Enhanced uptake of efficient water heaters (EWH), including Solar Water Heaters (SWH): increase the installed SWH units to 155,000 by year 2020.
  • Reduced energy consumption in both public and private buildings: 30% reduction in energy consumption in government buildings by 2020.
  • Enhanced load management: optimally manage the electricity grid in order to reduce peak demand.
  • Roll out of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): Increased diversity of electricity supply in the Western through IPPs by 2020.

As our goal can only be met if households and businesses take action to become power providers in a way that meets their needs and that of municipalities, the Western Cape Government will be running its Take Charge. Switch&Save campaign to provide information and support citizens to becoming energy efficient. 

For more information on the Game Changer and what you can do as a household and business to reduce your electricity consumption and generate your own energy visit


Become Energy Efficient

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