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110% Green is an initiative of the Western Cape Government calling organisations to commit to the Green Economy.

The Western Cape Government launched the 110% Green initiative on World Environment Day 2012 as a call to action to all organisations to link Green with the Economy.

The Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille, stated that it is a call for 110% commitment – that is what is needed to make the paradigm shift to connect environmental preservation and economic growth. It is also a call for 10% impact – at the very least. 110% Green aims to be a catalyst to build a critical mass of activity that puts the Western Cape well on the road to becoming Africa’s Green Economic Hub – a key economic goal of the Western Cape Government.

As the Western Cape Government, we aim to provide a platform that stimulates people and organisations to build an innovative and dynamic Green Economy. It is our hope that organisations will pick up the flag and invest in ways that support green growth. As a government, we commit to helping to make this process easier for organisations.

At the launch, 30 organisations signed the 110% Green flag to establish themselves as the innovators and entrepreneurs of the Green Economy. Since then many businesses, NGOs and local governments have made a similar commitment.

The 110% Green initiative is a call to people to COMMIT to the Green Economy, to ACT on their commitment and to make an IMPACT. Together our actions will lead to greater change.

Our Team

Cabral Wicht

Manager of 110% Green
Cabral is responsible for coordinating and managing 110% Green.