Health Care Waste Act

Introduction to Health Care Waste Management in the Western Cape:
Health care waste management is an area of great concern in South Africa. The illegal dumping of health care waste and the co-disposal of health care waste with general household waste on unsuitable or unpermitted landfill sites is on the increase. Furthermore, the general methods currently employed to destroy and dispose of health care waste in South Africa are in many instances simply unacceptable.

Legislation and Action:
The Western Cape Health Care Waste Management Act (WCHCWMA) was drafted to manage the risk which health care waste poses to communities and the environment and to realise their environmental rights in terms of our constitution. The WCHCWMA and supporting draft regulations were developed through an extensive public participation process. The Act and regulations provide for the effective management (handling, storage, collection, transportation, treatment and disposal) of health care waste by all persons in the Western Cape.

By establishing a health care waste manifest system, which will track all health care risk waste generated from "cradle to grave", the Western Cape hopes to prevent incidences of the illegal dumping of health care risk waste.

Download: Western Cape Health Care Waste Management Act (No. 7 of 2007)
Download: Western Cape Health Care Waste Management Amendment Act (No. 6 of 2010)

Invitation to Comment on the Draft Health Care Risk Waste Management Regulations 2011 (Act 7 of 2007)

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